Youth Football for Peace

PfC’s youth football program in South Sudan aims to provide youth with the chance to participate in creative and fun activities that allow them to connect to one another in a positive way to create a peaceful society.

Girls' team


Football Training and Tournaments

PfC supports SSYSA’s football program to create a conducive and safe environment for children to be free and play. One way that PfC does this is through support to conduct local football tournaments, such as the Under-13 Football Tournament (for both boys and girls), which was held on May 9-10, 2015 for 22 teams plus street boys’ and girls’ teams. The tournament brought together youth from different SSYSA Center’s to learn from one another and share their views. It also encouraged more girls to play football despite cultural norms.

Improving Football Facilities

PfC is in the process of upgrading and improving football pitches so that youth have safe designated areas to train.