South Sudan

PfC began working in South Sudan in 2014 when we partnered with the South Sudan Youth Sport Association (SSYSA) to bring a youth football team from South Sudan to Norway to participate in the Norway Cup. The exchange trip was so successful that we decided to strengthen our ties with SSYSA and provide on-going support for its programs to empower youth through football. Together with SSYSA, we have reached over 9,000 youth that are organized in over 500 teams, including teams of girls and street boys.




Use football as an entry point to promote peace-building and children’s right to education and health

Empower youth, particularly girls, to become leaders in their communities

Support and build the capacity of local organizations so they can sustain their growth and expansion

Promote access to safe water and basic sanitation services, and promote improved hygiene



Youth Football for Peace

Clean Water & Sanitation


Our programs and objectives have been developed in direct response to the on-going humanitarian crisis in South Sudan. Therefore, PfC works together with its local partners to play a critical role in the peace-building process of the country. Read more about the current challenges in South Sudan here.

Our projects are made possible thanks to the following funders:

Ivar S. Løge Foundation - logo (2)Erns & Knut Engs Children Foundation


We would also like to thank our in-kind donors that allow PfC to allocate 100% of project funds directly to local projects:



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