Community Initiatives

Our community initiatives program in Norway involves working with partners to enable new initiatives to be established that aim to make a major difference to the lives of disadvantaged and excluded groups living in Norway.

We believe that by encouraging social entrepreneurial thinking and piloting different types of social innovation at a systems level, we can be part of empowering local communities to address their own challenges and empower women, youth and their wider relationships.

PfC Unlimited

Working with Bydel Gamle Oslo, PfC is the external partner in this Public Social partnership established to support resourceful individuals in their work to build better services for their local communities. Our pilot project is in Tøyen, the area of Oslo with the greatest level of social challenges in various forms.

Tøyen Unlimited will launch in August 2015 by announcing our first social entrepreneurial support packages at the Try It and Do It levels. Read more about Tøyen Unlimited HERE.


Background and rationale: PfC Unlimited projects are based on the belief that if local residents can be given new opportunities to engage in solving some of the social challenges in their communities it can mark a transition from dependency to sustainable solutions on all fronts – social, financial and environmental. The additional benefits from stronger networks, sense of purpose and closeness of delivery design to the people affected, are clear. The challenge then is how to facilitate the creation of these opportunities. Tøyen Unlimited is our first pilot and the first initiative in Norway that can be described as place-based social enterprise.

PfC is the first NGO to partner with a public sector body in Norway in this kind of approach.

Transforming cities through social innovation

PfC will work with Citymart to test the potential of open innovation methods to resolve city-based challenges. Citymart has worked with over fifty such projects around the world to ensure that effective social innovation solutions can be shared to make savings to city budgets and to maximize impact.

The project aims to launch in Oslo in the autumn of 2015.