Income Generation for Women

Our focus in Ethiopia is on empowering women, in particular through economic empowerment and income generation programs.

PfC started working in Ethiopia in November 2014. The first project was organizing the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) where our partners were Women’s Health Association of Ethiopia (WHAE) and Center for Accelerated Women Economic Empowerment (CAWEE). These are also our key partners going forward.

WHAE is a national government approved membership organization established in 9 out of 11 regions in Ethiopia.

CAWEE promotes Ethiopian women entrepreneurs, with a special focus on women exporters, both existing and potential, mainly in small and medium enterprises.

Our programs and objectives have been developed through first-hand experiences about Ethiopia’s challenges and opportunities to achieve financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable communities. Read more about Norway’s programs in Ethiopia  here and here.

Leder for kvinneforening Etiopia

These activities were made possible thanks to the following funders:

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